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GetDataBack Pro is a completely redesigned and redesigned data recovery solution for Windows, Mac and Linux file systems. Our developers have combined decades of data recovery experience with the latest technologies. GetDataBack Pro works as a native 64-bit application on 64-bit Windows. This means that the k64 processor can be fully utilized. GetDataBack Pro is now faster and can support very large disks. On 32-bit Windows, GetDataBack works in a 32-bit version. The clear interface of GetDataBack ProGetDataBack Pro will take you to data loss in the blink of an eye. You are literally one click away from your file. GetDataBack Pro is a data recovery solution for professionals and inexperienced users. Start data recovery now, without reading instructions, without flickering options, without kidding.

GetDataBack Pro combines recovery functions for NTFS, FAT, ekFAT, EXT, HFS + and APFS. You do not need to know in advance what file system the formatted disk is. The GetDataBack Pro recovery mechanism internally uses four different development stages that automatically escalate until good results are achieved.

GetDataBack is more than just a system restore or restore

GetDataBack Pro will restore data if the partition table, boot record, directories or other system areas of the hard disk are lost or damaged, data is lost due to a virus attack, the disk is transformed or redistributed or a power outage occurs. System failure, files are lost due to software error or files are accidentally deleted. GetDataBack Pro can even recover data if the drive does not recognize the operating system. GetDataBack Pro works on hard drives, SSDs, flash cards, USB sticks etc.

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