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Connecting to another remote computer The RdClient program allows you to connect to a remote PC from another location. With this connection, you can access network file resources on another computer and complex configurations, while remote desktop routing with RdClient can manage desktops with tree views. You can let a program run on one of your computers and then connect to it and use it. The program is a remote desktop client for the VNC RPD and Hyper-V protocols. The program was designed for use with the Windows operating system. With this program, you will not need any communication to configure your desktops remotely. It is still not easy, but it is much easier with this program. The interface is simple but clean and not full of advanced software like some of its competitors (function () {(‘application-page-view-desktop’);}); Conclusion: connect to other computers as you wish, if you configure RdClient, you can access your home and work computers from anywhere you want. It is difficult to configure a program, but it is much more difficult to configure remote connections without the program, so, in general, the program makes your life easier.

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