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Greenfish Subtitle Player is special software that makes it possible for users to watch online streaming videos with the addition of subtitles. This free to use software makes it possible and even easy to lay .SRT files in the language of their choice over a video that they are streaming More ClearlyThe good things about Greenfish Subtitle Player is that it is easy enough even for novice computer users to get to grips with and the programme runs smoothly. The software comes complete with useful tools such as fast forward, rewind, slow down and pause so that the subtitles can be synced very easily to the words that are being spoken on the screen. Unfortunately, . RdClient installer Download Torrent
SRT files can be hard to track down for certain films and without these files the programme is basically ineffective. Users also need a string and working internet connection in order to stream files, which could be a problem for some people and will limit the scope of the (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Never Get Lost in Translation AgainPeople who have their own .SRT file subtitles that they want to be able to play over videos that are being streamed should make sure that they check out Greenfish Subtitle Player. However, it should be noted that Greenfish Subtitle Player is only compatible with Windows and iOS users will need to search for another solution to their subtitle adding requirements.


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